Australian Defence Force Mission!!

Recently DWD was contracted to the Australian Defence Department in Exercise Hamel, which took place in remote South Australia during July. This exercise was carried out by ten thousand defence personnel, and there was also joint representation from the United States, New Zealand and England. 


Recently DWD has purchased a Hydro pad from our US Business partner Hydro Engineering. This facility will provide us to do larger machinery work in more remote places and a much higher volume of traffic with little transport problems. The new hydro pad that has been purchased will help bring larger machinery to the weed and seed standard that is required, all while keeping the environment clean and green. 


DWD business Partner Hydro Engineering

We use the Hydrosite system delivered by Hydro Engineering. In choosing to use equipment produced by Hydro Engineering, we choose to use the safest equipment, not only in Australia, but throughout the world.

In addition, the Hydrosite is the only system with all of the following features:

  • American designed and manufactured – latest technology and best quality
  • Water is 100% recyclable
  • Unlike most imitations, our unique, all-natural ‘bio-digesters’ destroy pathogens (including e-coli) – meaning recycled water (grey water) is completely safe for human contact.