Australian Defence Force Mission!!

Australian Defence Force Mission!!

DWD was contracted to support engineering regiments to deploy our portable wash facility where required with short notice. Exercise Hamel was conducted in a large Australian defence desert training area, which spanned many hundreds of square kilometres. Our Mission was to wash mainly heavy equipment such as M1 Abrams battle tanks and trucks before exiting the range. Within hours of arriving to site, the portable wash facility was in place ready for work. Over the exercise duration DWD cleaned numerous vehicles and equipment during its deployment.

The Hydro Engineering portable wash pad was initially designed for customers like the US Military for this type of deployment activity, and it was built to take the weight of large battle tanks and equipment. The M1 Abrams will crush a standard concrete wash pad being just under 70 ton but could not even dent the H.E portable wash pad. Because of cheap imitations in the market place it was perceived the H.E portable wash pad was only good enough to take the weight of light vehicles and light trucks. This rumour was definitely proven false during exercise Hamel as lines of heavy equipment passed over the portable wash pad continuously around the clock for many days.

After all the washing had been completed the H.E patented biodigesters took over the work load, and these environmentally friendly bacteria took care of all oil and waste run off from the equipment washing. The biodigesters consumed all foreign bodies in the water leaving no waste by product to deal with, which meant no harm to personnel or the environment. Biodigesters out compete all bacteria and consume algae’s and petroleum products, so this eliminates the use of harsh chlorine based chemicals.

Overall this was a successful mission for DWD in supporting our hard working defence force who take a practical, common sense approach to their objectives. DWD has built a continuous working relationship with the Australian Defence Department, with our equipment and staff being required for future upcoming exercises throughout the Australasian region.