DWD business Partner Hydro Engineering

DWD business Partner Hydro Engineering


At DWD we recently acquired our own Hydrosite Portable Wash-down Facility from our US business partner Hydro Engineering.  This facility will provide us with an ongoing training environment as new staff come on board. We will be able to effectively contribute to the success of all contracts including commissioning, training, operations and maintenance.  

To ensure we have the best in-country expertise possible, our Operations Manager will be undergoing comprehensive training at the Hydro Engineering factory in the next few weeks. We also have direct access we have to their expert engineers – even the most difficult issues can be resolved promptly.   


The best and most environmentally friendly Portable Wash-down Facility available - reduces HSE risk 

The Hydrosite system reduces HSE and business risk by meeting all legislative and specification requirements.  In addition, the Hydrosite is the only system with all of the following features:

  •  - Water is 100% recyclable 
  • - American designed and manufactured -latest technology and best quality 
  • - Unlike most imitations, our unique, all-natural ‘bio-digesters’ destroy pathogens (including e-coli) meaning recycled water (grey water) is completely safe for human contact. 
  • - The strong environmental credentials of the Hydrosite system have led to its being selected by the US Forestry department for its wash-down operations. 

DWD has been aware that there has been an Australian company who make portable wash systems having issues in the quality of recycled water being not to a healthy standard. They were taken to court by a Western Australian company after their employees became ill and had sores present on their skin when using the wash facility. The court found in favor of the Western Australian company. Using acid injection and adding chemicals to the water will kill bacteria but over time that water becomes toxic as the acid level increases, and is not fit for human contact which means you cannot discharge it out on the ground either as it is a waste product. 

Another problem from this is the vapours from the pressure washer enter the skin and will make the operator ill, so that is why the American Military came to Hydro Engineering as they too had this same problem occurring. The patented Hydro Engineering biodigesters solve all of these issues and when the site is ready for relocation the water can be simply dumped on the ground with no HSE repercussions as they are a natural occurring product. 

This is the reason why DWD looked abroad and formed a partnership with Hydro Engineering for advanced, durable and safe portable wash systems. 


Saving money through reduced lifecycle costs.


As well as reducing HSE and business risks, our customers can expect significant financial benefits over the Hydrosite’s lifecycle.  

  1. Fewer breakdowns mean fewer delays – increasing the productive time for vehicles and equipment. 
  2. Because this system cleans better, with no harsh chemicals, vehicles and equipment last longer and require less maintenance Higher quality, more reliable components will reduce maintenance time and spares usage. 
  3. Easy to install options can double the throughput capacity of the wash down facility - further reducing waiting times and time on the pad.